Getting back to a routine

I am now back on my bike after breaking my collarbone two months ago. It was a bit of a set back in my training, but with the amount I ride my bike I am bound to have an unlucky spill once and a while.   I just had to make the best use of my down time putting together a training plan and setting some goals for next season. 

I couldn't be happier with my situation this winter.   I've got two jobs currently, working at the Spin Cycles bike shop and at SideStix Ventures.  I am lucky enough to have two boss's that understand my goals and training schedule, so they are helping me out a huge amount by giving me flexible hours so  I can ride, go to the gym and work all in one day.  

Sluggers Family gym is also a local company that is helping me out a ton.  They are sponsoring me with a membership this year and therefore give me access to all the equipment I need for my training.   I'll be spending a lot of my time there this winter.

I am almost done finalizing my sponsors for 2014.   It's incredible the amount of support I've been receiving.  Most of my current sponsors are stepping up and continuing with me for next season.

I am very happy to announce a few new supporters of my racing.   The first is Maxxis Tires!!  I've been riding Maxxis tires by choice for the past several years, and now I have got a real deal with one of the largest mountain bike tire company's.  I will be trying out a lot of tires throughout the winter.  I am also on the testing team, so I will be able to give feedback and test new products.

Second is Genuine Health.   They are a nutrition company that make a variety of supplements from greens powders to pre and post workout drinks.  I've already noticed faster recovery times after my hard workout and rides.  They've even got me up on their brand ambassador page

I've finally upgraded to a full on crf250r moto bike for training this winter.  It's a lot of fun ripping around the local track!  It's good speed training and helps with upper body strength and conditioning. 

I am trying to post as much content as I can on my Facebook athlete page and instagram account.  A follow or a share would be very much appreciated.

Go to the gym, ride, work, eat, sleep and repeat. That pretty much sums up my days for the next few months.   I feel very confident that I've got a good training plan together this off season and I'm excited to get back to racing in 2014!!




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