Great World Champs experience!

     A few weeks ago I got back from World Championships in Austria, I was invited to represent Canada on the National team as a Junior.   It was an amazing trip in every way, it was cool to ride a World Cup level track and it was a lot of fun spending a week with the team in Europe.   I ended up 25th in finals on Sunday and took the top Canadian spot in Junior.

     The support the National team provided was amazing and made for us as athletes to be able to concentrate on our riding and enjoy the experience.

     The first day of practice on the course was a little intimidating as the track was dry and everyone was getting up to speed very quickly.  Friday's practice was a whole different story though, it rained all Thursday night and most of the day Friday .   I put on the mud tires and with the mechanics figured out some fender systems.   Saturday the track was very similar and we had timed training.   I rode quite conservatively for my timed run, and ended up around 40th,  it was tough to read how hard everyone was pushing but it seemed that everyone did go pretty hard.   I walked the track later that day and looked for some ways to shave a few seconds for tomorrows race.   Sunday morning it was still very muddy and I had a bit of a over the bars crash on my final practice run, I got a little bruised up but nothing too serious.   My race run was good, my feet blew off the pedals once but besides that it was a fast and steady ride.  It wasn't anything amazing, but I was happy to stay on the bike and put in a time that wasn't too far off my top 20 goal.  I was stoked to take 25th in finals and the fastest Canadian Junior time of the day.

     This wraps up my race season for this year,  it was so much fun and the best one yet.   I am looking forward to taking a bit of a break and than getting into my off season training.  Being graduated opens up a lot of opportunities for me this off season and I am looking to commit myself fully to my goals and aspirations in racing for 2013.

Thanks to Chris Vezina for the photos,




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