World Championships! And lots of racing!

Well, it's been a crazy summer so far, I've raced the past six weekends in a row now and it has finally payed off.   

After the Western Open this past weekend I got the email confirming that I've been selected to represent Canada at the World Championships in Austria!!  This is a huge accomplishment for me and a goal that I've had for the past few years.   I was one of four juniors selected.  This was based on my results at the Canada Cups and Nationals, I placed 3rd overall in the Canada Cup series in mixed elite/junior and 4th at Nationals in Junior which put me into the second qualification position. 

This is a little overwhelming as World Championships is on Sept. 2nd and I leave Aug. 25th, so it doesn't give me a lot of time to raise money for the trip.  There still isn't a lot of support for downhill racing so all the athletes have to pay for their own flights and team fee's.

Worlds is obviously my biggest race this season, but I will also be attending Crankworx for the Canadian Open on the 19th of this month.   

Below you can find a quick summary of all the races I've done the past few weeks,

Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters who have gotten me here, and hopefully this will lead to big things down the road.



There was a Whip competition at the Silver Star BC Cup on Saturday night.  Here's the photo of my final whip when I took the win in the contest.  A video on the contest can also be found here

Quick recap of all my races

-1st at the Bear Mountain BC Cup.   It was a very muddy race and I was lucky to get down with a clean run, I also had the 3rd fastest time of the day overall.

-4th at Mont Sainte Anne National Championships.  It was a super fun course, I had a great race run until the second to last corner where my front tire blew over the top of the berm and I stalled up and had to roll over the next jump,  this was pretty frustrating as I was less than two seconds behind 2nd place. 

-2nd at the Sun Peaks BC Cup.   Had a good race run but made a costly mistake at the bottom.

-3rd at the Silver Star BC Cup.  I had a great race run and the cool thing was that the top three juniors beat all the pro's,  Mark Wallace and Mckay Vezina placed first and second, two of the other juniors that will be representing Canada in Austria.  

-2nd at the Canada Cup finals in Panorama.  This was the race that was the deciding factor if I could claim a spot at Worlds.  And it couldn't have gone any better.   I had a very solid race run and ended up placing 3rd in junior/elite, my first Elite podium.   This is also when I claimed 2nd overall in the Canada Cup series in Junior and 3rd overall in the series in junior/elite.  

-3rd at the Western Open BC Cup.  I wanted to push my limits at this race and that's exactly what I did, I slid out on a off camber corner and hit a tree which stopped me dead, and I had a very scary moment slipping a pedal on a high speed section.    It might sound weird  to some people when I say I was happy with my riding, but it's because I tested my limits and found my boundaries which I think I have to do sometimes to improve and become a faster rider. 

Race run at the Western Open after some scary "moment's" on the track.  Thanks to Stephen Exley for the photo. 


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