Good start to the season


The last few weeks have been very busy for me. I was just recently out in Quebec for the first of two Canada Cups this season. This was my second time travelling to Mont Tremblant, Quebec, and they made some changes to the course this year which made it a lot more fun to ride and made the whole trail flow a lot better. I had a crash in my race run, drifted off a bridge at the top of the course and had to pull my bike out of the ditch. I had a good run after that though and managed to gain some time back, taking 5th in Junior. Aside from my crash I was happy, as I know I was on pace. Travelling with the Cycling BC team is always fun, and overall the trip was awesome.

I also did the local Sunshine Coaster DH the second week of May. It was my home track so it was a good way to start off the season. I raced my Banshee Spitfire, as that was what seemed to be the fastest bike on the course. I felt great in practice on race day morning and was stoked to start racing. Before I could get a quarter way down the track my derailleur snapped off so I pumped my way down the course, staying off the brakes as much as possible trying to maintain all the momentum I had. I had to push with one foot in one of the top sections, but managed to keep it going till the finish, getting a little loose in the steep sections trying to make up for not being able to pedal. I came across the line to take 2nd place on the day, which I was stoked on considering having to do almost the entire course without a derailleur.

I am still waiting to hear if I will be able to compete at the two North American World Cups at Mont Sainte Anne and Windham. As a Junior it is really hard to gain enough UCI points to qualify for world cups, so I had to apply to the CCA and ask if they would register me as one of the six riders they are allowed to register that don't have sufficient UCI points, I would than have to wear a Canadian National team jersey at the two races. As there aren't many National races this year (Only two Canada Cups and Nationals) I think this would be an awesome experience and would give me a chance to compete at the international level with all the top riders from around the world.

Between races I have been out on my Banshee Spitfire and going for longer all-mountain rides in this awesome weather. I am closing in on just over two weeks of high school which means a lot of studying for tests and a lot of catching up in homework from missing soo much school while racing. So I am sorry about sending this update so late, but I will be a lot more on top of it when I'm out of school and can concentrate on my racing, training and having fun on two wheels.

I'm very excited for this season and have a lot of confidence in my riding. Canadian National Championships at Mont Sainte Anne is my most important race this season as it is a big deciding factor in claiming a spot for World Championships. Nationals being at Mont Sainte Anne this year makes it that much more exciting, and if I do get the chance to go to the Mont Sainte Anne World Cup two weeks before Nationals it would give me a huge advantage at Nationals, knowing the course already and having raced on it.

I will be sending out an update as soon as I find out whether I will be racing at the World Cups.


Forrest Riesco


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