Fall riding and training


Though it's the off season now, I have actually been very busy with riding, training, school and planning for next season.  I just recently got a Banshee Spitfire, which has been my "do it all" bike, it climbs with ease and descends like a big bike.  A lot of my riding throughout the week has been with my Spitfire, as well as hitting the local dirt jumps on my Banshee Amp.  I'm not one to go for the big tricks, but this past week I have learned tuck-no-handers, which I'm pretty stoked on.

I attended the first Cycling BC DH team testing camp a few weeks ago.   We did a MAP test and a sprint test, which I was happy to see my work pay off and improve on both.  There were also some sessions with a nutritionist, a mental trainer, a strength coach and even a yoga session.

 Photo by Clayton Racicot.  At the Western Open at Kicking Horse Resort.

My newest training tool I've discovered is a Freelap timing system.  Freelap was interested in helping me with my training and got me set up with one of their TX junior systems.  I tried it out on one of my local tracks and it was really cool to test different riding styles, bike setups and just sorting out the mental aspect of racing the clock. 

I also found this article in Decline Magazine of the Western Open, which had a big one page spread photo of me.  I was very stoked on the great photo by Clayton Racicot.  It was a great race, and one of the most well organized events I've attended.

I've been doing quite a bit of gym training, and a lot of riding!! My goal is to get a bit stronger and spend a lot of time on my bikes.  Doesn't really matter if it's XC, DJ or DH, I think all of it benefits me in a way, and most of all doesn't make training a task.

I was just out today with the C4 team, which was a lot of fun.  They're a fast bunch of riders and I was happy to show them some trails over here on the Coast. 



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