Q&A with Forrest Riesco

Last week I met up with Forrest Riesco to snap some photographs and discuss the upcoming 2011 race season.

How is your off-season training regime progressing?

It's been going great. I've been doing a lot of strength, cardio, and mobility training this off-season, which is helping me out a lot. My work paid off and I showed some improvement at the most recent Cycling BC DH team training camp, where I improved upon my test results from November. All the team members participated in a MAP test, which is a test that is performed on a stationary bike and tracks your aerobic and anaerobic abilities. I was very pleased with my results, as I more than doubled the improvement of all the other riders.

As this is your first year riding Banshee, how is the new bike working for you?

My new Banshee has been riding awesome. When I got it built up I took it over to Suspensionwerx, where they set it up for me and tuned the suspension. The bike handles amazingly, it's very slack, low, and fast. I am very happy with how the bike feels, looks and performs. It’s truly a race ready bike.

What races are you attending this year?

Since this is my first year racing as a junior I will be concentrating my efforts towards the National series, which consists of three Canada Cups (two in Quebec and one in BC) and Canadian National Championships. I will be traveling/staying with the Cycling BC DH team at all the National races. I will also be attending most of, if not all of, the BC Cup races as well as some events at Crankworx.

My goals coming into this race season are to place top three in the Canada Cup series and top three at Canadian Nationals. I also have been working hard this offseason and will be pushing myself throughout the season to qualify for the Canadian National team to go to the 2011 World Championships.

Where can people track the progress of your 2011 season?

You can check out my website at www.forrestriesco.com,where you will find a blog, recent photos, a bio, and my sponsors page.

Any last words?

This off-season has been great and I am stoked to start the season. All the training I have been doing is giving me a huge boost with my riding and can hardly wait to get racing and traveling.

For 2011 Forrest Riesco will be proudly representing:

Banshee bikes
POC helmets and armour
Cycling BC
Vancor Capital Ltd.
Nancy Riesco Interior Designs Inc.
Spank Industries
X-Fusion shocks
Hygia brakes
Kuat racks
Nuun Hydration
North Shore Billet
Twenty6 products
NRG enterprises
Gamut USA
SDG saddles

Interview and photographs by:
Brett Wildeman


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