Great start to the season

Last weekend at Race the Ranch, BC Cup #1, I placed 3rd in Junior Expert. I was very happy to start the season off on the podium, this proves to myself that the work I've put in over the winter is going to be paying off this season.

The whole weekend was packed with awesome riding. The course was very short, my time being 1:59 and the fastest overall time being 1:53. The track was super fun with very drifty corners and fast high speed sections. I had to hold myself back from doing too many runs on Saturday, since the course was so fun, but I had to not tire myself out too much to make sure I was ready to give it my all on Sunday.

I've got a few photos from the race including a podium shot below.

If you want to keep updated on my season you can always check out my website at, or you can keep updated through my blog.

This weekend coming up I will be racing the local Sunshine Coaster DH race, than on May 18 I will be leaving for Quebec, for the first Canada Cup.

Forrest Riesco


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